Thank you for your support, Fort McMurray!

Wood Buffalo Housing workers are back to work, as of October 20th, 2019.

Since May 10th, we’ve been locked out of our jobs. Our work has been given to a national contractor who pays their employees less and pockets the difference. That is no way to build a community…and a terrible way to serve the residents of Wood Buffalo Housing.

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Why We Continue to Fight

We continue to fight because we care about the residents of Wood Buffalo Housing. They matter to us. Many of us have spent our entire careers at Wood Buffalo Housing. We are good at what we do, we care about what we do, and we put our heart and soul into our jobs. Whether the residents are small children, seniors, or anyone else in between, they need and deserve more than just a crew of people who complete tasks – they need people who are as committed to them as they are to the community.

Has the fight been hard? Yes. We have been out on the picket line every day and trying to make ends meet however we can. While some may say “Why don’t you just get a new job?”, ask yourself, if you had dedicated yourself to something for so long, how easy would that be for you to let go? We value our work because we care about the people we serve. We just want to do that again, no raises, no promotions, just our jobs.

We know that with your help (of which many of you have already so gratefully given) we can get our jobs back.

How you can help us get our jobs back

We will keep fighting because we care about our community, we care about our residents we get to serve, and we know we can continue doing a tremendous job.


Sign the petition below

Each petition ensures that the Wood Buffalo Housing board and executive understands that the community wants us back at work, that what we are fighting for is bigger than just our jobs, it’s about the type of community we all want to live-in and build. A community that replaces long-standing community members with a national contractor is not what our community is about.


Email the petition to your friends and family

Each additional person who shares this voice adds to the chorus of individuals in Wood Buffalo who strongly believe in the direction they want their Wood Buffalo to grow and be built.


Talk to your friends and family

We know that you may have found the radio and Facebook ads a tad annoying, and we appreciate you bearing with them…they’ve been important because we know this fight will be won or lost by having you, our neighbours, talk to your friends and family and encouraging them to sign the petition to get us to work.

“This is not about wages. This is about employees wanting to do what they were hired to do – take care of residents and their homes.” - CUPE Local 1505 President Judy Collier.

Sign the Petition Now

Dear Wood Buffalo Housing Board of Directors and Executive:

In Wood Buffalo, we treat people fairly.

Because of that, I support the 46 workers locked-out by Wood Buffalo Housing to go back to work.

These individuals are not asking for a raise. They are not asking for a promotion. They just want to go back to their jobs and serve the people that brought so much joy into their lives.

That is fair, and they should be able to do that.

As leadership of Wood Buffalo Housing, we know you are good people, reasonable people. So I encourage you to do the right thing and bring back your workers immediately.

It is the right thing to do.


Your neighbour

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