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In Wood Buffalo, we put our community first.

In Wood Buffalo, we put our community first. Replacing long term, dedicated employees with fly-by-night contractors leaves no one better off — especially our community. Learn more and show your support today.

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Wood Buffalo Housing (WBH) employees do not want to stop serving residents and the community, but WBH is forcing their hand. Employees are locked-out, replaced with fly-by-night contractors.

You might think “I guess that saves money?” – but it doesn’t. We have seen this movie many times before. It ends up costing more, workers get paid less, and in the end, the whole community suffers.

Here’s what it means for our community:


We're paying more and get less

Large contracting companies pay their employees minimum wage, but the alleged ‘savings’ or lost wages goes to the contracting companies. That means no money is saved. In fact, it costs more, workers get paid less, and quality is lower.


Poorly maintained properties

The long term, dedicated groundskeepers, maintenance staff, and housekeepers at WBH only wish to take care of residents and their homes. Without them, fly-by-night contractors will never maintain these properties at the same level. It will mean shabby properties and buildings in disrepair. That impacts everyone.


Hurting our community

If large contracting companies collect lost wages, who is standing up for the community and its residents? The people who call Wood Buffalo home. Our community is built on the values of fairness, and this action by Wood Buffalo Housing speaks directly against those values.

This is not about wages. This is about employees wanting to do what they were hired to do – take care of residents and their homes.

Judy Collier
CUPE Local 1505 President

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We know the importance of saving money.

Wood Buffalo Housing can (and should) work with their employees to find efficiencies. This will help build a strong company and best serve the residents in our community.

The current lock-out and push by Wood Buffalo Housing to replace employees with fly-by-night contractors does not do that. It shifts wages, it costs more, decreases quality, and it doesn’t help our community. If you agree, please show your support today.

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